New energy bus overseas market again fruitful


Recently, China's new energy bus overseas market again fruitful, 100 Yutong E12 pure electric buses successfully arrived in Kazakhstan, the first 20 have been put into the capital of Nursultan - the world's second coldest capital of the core bus line, the remaining vehicles will also be put into operation.

It is reported that this is the first large-scale purchase of pure electric buses in Kazakhstan, and it is also the largest single batch of pure electric bus orders in Kazakhstan and CIS countries. The achievement of the order of 100 pure electric buses is not only an affirmation of Yutong buses' continued deep cultivation in the Kazakh market, but also full of expectations for future development.

From 1 to 100 vehicles, the strength of the "cold capital" to bring confidence in green development

Because of choice and wonderful, because of trust and rely on. As we all know, Kazakhstan is very rich in oil and gas resources, and is the largest oil and gas resource country in Central Asia. Such a "mine" Kazakhstan has also actively participated in the global wave of new energy development, and actively built a green transportation system, showing its extraordinary vision and pattern. Among the many brands, the choice of China Yutong is also "well thought out".

In January 2019, Kazakhstan customers selected a Yutong pure electric bus for trial in Nursultan after careful investigation, and the excellent performance of the vehicle, such as stable and reliable, smooth driving, energy saving and environmental protection, intelligent control, convenient maintenance, and comfortable driving, quickly won the praise of the local people, government departments and operators.

The winter in Nursultan is very cold, with temperatures often below -40 degrees Celsius and the ability to "lift water into ice". Even in this extremely cold environment, Yutong pure electric vehicles still operate well, which further strengthens Kazakhstan's confidence in vigorously developing pure electric buses.

Therefore, in mid-2019, Kazakhstan held a new energy bus bidding activity, and Yutong pure electric buses stood out again and won 100 in one fell fell. From 1 to 100 vehicles, the operation of Yutong pure electric buses will promote Kazakhstan to usher in new development opportunities, which can achieve energy saving and emission reduction effects, and create a more comfortable transportation environment for local people, while also enhancing the national image of Kazakhstan.

Local people have also said: "This we also sit on the world's advanced level of buses." This is a powerful measure for the government to evaluate the situation and benefit the people, and deserves praise." After the 100 Yutong E12 vehicles are put into operation, it will bring zero emissions and high-quality travel service experience to local people.


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