Filipino customers come to visit the company


The cooperation with Philippine customers was very pleasant, and we deeply felt the trust and tacit understanding between each other, so we warmly invited them to come to China and visit our company. This invitation is not only to show the strength and scale of our company, but more importantly to further strengthen our cooperation with each other and determine the demand for products in the next quarter.

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On the day of the customer's visit, we prepared well in advance, and the company's reception team warmly welcomed the Filipino customers who came from afar. We gave them a tour of the company, explaining in detail the working process, corporate culture and future development plans.

During the visit, we had a pleasant and in-depth conversation with our customers. We shared our work experiences, discussed industry trends and exchanged views on possible future cooperation projects. During the conversation, customers said that they appreciate our professionalism and forward-looking vision, and look forward to more cooperation with us in the future.

In order to let customers better experience Chinese culture, we have specially prepared an authentic Shandong cuisine for them. It is famous for its unique cooking skills and rich taste. We are convinced that in the coming days, we will work together to create a better future and jointly promote the vigorous development of both sides.

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