Shandong Jiulong Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.

Shandong Jiulong Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. is a professional company engaged in procurement and export business. We mainly provide procurement services for bus accessories and other accessories, as well as inquiry services for bus professional knowledge.

For example, some commonly used accessories such as bus filters, engine parts, car lights, evaporative fans, clutch plates, bearings, bus seats, and bus electrical accessories are all in our business. You only need to provide us with product pictures or part numbers. We can provide you with the most favorable prices, as well as prices for other quality and brands, for you to choose from.

Regarding offline operations, the company has multiple professional bus maintenance technicians and warehouse management personnel. It can solve customers' difficult parts problems to the greatest extent, and also provide one-stop procurement services for customers. We have vast factory resources and long-term cooperation with well-known domestic manufacturers. From procurement to shipment, the entire process is worry free.

Regarding online, the company has multiple e-commerce platforms. Having a professional operation team. You can find us on any foreign website and inquire about accessory issues with us. The staff will promptly address any questions you have and resolve any concerns you may have during the shopping process.


The customer placed an order with us. Then we submit a quotation form. Provide a quotation for transportation costs. To procurement. Based on the quantity you purchased. The entire process can be completed in one week at the earliest and one month at the latest

Regarding after-sales service, the company advocates a customer-centric approach. Within the warranty period, we will actively and properly handle any quality issues for you. It won't affect your shopping experience.

At the same time, we are also providing accessories business for some domestic brand buses, such as Yutong, Jinglong, Ankai, Higer, Zhongtong, Golden dragon, etc.

We have long-term close cooperation with bus parts repair factories and bus companies in countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, the Philippines, Malaysia, India, Africa, Australia, etc.

Received customers from abroad to visit the company and exchange professional knowledge of accessories dozens of times.

Simultaneously operating domestic and foreign businesses. This gives us a wealth of resources and experience to handle the issue of bus parts. The company is located in the parts center warehouse, with a rich range of parts factories in the surrounding area. It can meet different customer accessory needs and also assist customers in purchasing goods from other suppliers.

The company advocates honest management and long-term cooperation. Continuously improving oneself and serving customers wholeheartedly. Perhaps you don't trust us, but if you can give us a chance to get to know us, we will let you know that your choice is the right one.

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